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Is your firm Financially Sustainable?

This offer is for small architectural and design firms, who are charging clients either, percentage or fixed fees.

It’s an opportunity to redress the financial performance of your business. It will replace well-intentioned fee guesstimates with the rigour of data-driven fee calculations that make a profit.

We’re offering a FREE 1 hour workshop via video conferencing, on ‘Financial Sustainability’ – which is normally $510. It’s 1:1 so it’s totally about you and your business.

Our workshop will:

1. Review your current hourly rates against industry benchmarks.

2. Establish the range of your charge-out rates for roles on projects.

3. Establish the optimum hourly rate for each role.

4. Establish what your Potential Revenue should be for the year.

5. Establish the baseline for your Productivity Capacity.

This FREE ‘Sustainability’ Session is offered as part of the 3 Sessions making up Stage 1 of the ‘Back on Track’ program, starting the week commencing 13th January until 31st January 2020. This offer for Stage 1, reduces the cost from $1,530 +GST to a package of $980+GST but it’s only available to the first 5 firms who confirm before COB Friday 29th November 2019.


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