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Simply surviving requires commercial sustainability

The one thing every small architectural, design and project-business must achieve, is commercial sustainability.

Simply surviving requires commercial sustainability - the ability for your project-business to maintain and support itself over the long term.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the spectre of your business vision imploding because the recurring and relentless costs of keeping your business running, seem to devour your fees and leave you struggling to pay yourself properly and regularly?

75% of all small architectural, design and project-businesses are NOT commercially sustainable and 60% of those DON’T know it, because they can disguise it for the short term – but you can’t defy financial gravity for ever.

What if you could develop your business into one where you had a pipeline of new projects (with the right fees), being channelled into the business and know that all your financial obligations are being met.

The starting point is an accurate calculation of your business’s potential capacity based on realistic and factual parameters. In the next post we will provide you with a ‘One Minute Reality Check’ for self-assessment.

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