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Simplify how you manage your small project-business

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

The two things that is shared by those involved in the leadership of small architectural, design or project-business, is having to deliver projects - and the stress and complexity of managing the business.

Are you frustrated when your available time is vanishing, whilst your ‘To Do’ list just gets longer and longer?

As Andrew Beveridge describes it, you don’t have a finite job where you work to set hours and go home on time. You have an infinite job, with objectives to deliver, some are planned whilst others emerge over time - and there is no end point.

You can’t manage an infinite job by just adding more and more hours.

You need to change the way you think about and manage your work.

The good news is you can simplify how you manage your project-business, starting with clearly separating and allocating your time between working in projects IN the business, and then applying the same planning and rigour used on projects, to working ON the business, on functions needed to keep the business running.


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