4 riff factors

of success

Your vision of Success is uniquely yours.


What you share with everyone else, however, are the 4 common factors that allow you to define your version of Success, and that will transform your Striving into Thriving.​​

1. Recognition
  • From your client (when the project meets or exceeds their expectations)

  • For your internal stakeholders (your team members applied their skills, expanded their experience

  • By external stakeholders (end-users, authorities, consultants, contractors and suppliers) and

  • By non-stakeholders (peers, awards, media and the public at large)

2. improvement
  • Better projects

  • New and more diversified project types

  • More projects

  • Better clients

  • Attract more talent

  • Grow the business

  • Improved productivity and performance

  • Minimise the lows on the ‘Project Rollercoaster’

3. Freedom of Time
  • To do more of what you’re passionate about – what you’re good at

  • To create value for your clients

  • To explore and evaluate alternative solutions

  • To enjoy your business and not feel like you're playing catch-up all the time

  • To have work/life harmony

4. Financial freedom
  • Provides business surety and longevity

  • Allows you to maintain your values and ethics

  • Build personal wealth and security

  • Create a lifestyle you love

The good news is that all of these areas only require small, strategic improvements to create the Tipping Point that will transform your business from striving to thriving!

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