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Through over 40 years of managing and owning various Project-Businesses, Simon Maddox, founder of Practically Partners, has developed a deep-seated passion for helping project businesses become truly successful.

Simon has seen great successes, as well as a few lessons learnt, however even through the tough times he has always leveraged those lessons, actively gathering wisdom about what makes project businesses work (or not).

Simon sees it as his purpose today to share that wisdom, knowledge and experience, and, true to his inquisitive nature, also seeks to continuously learn more from others through reciprocal generosity.


Working with Simon Maddox will see you engaging with someone who cares, who will help you re-balance your business and manage the many moving parts therein:


  • Business Management

  • Quality Management Systems

  • Financial Management

  • Marketing

  • Resources (HR, facilities, support services and IT)

  • Knowledge

  • PMO and

  • Sales.


Simon offers practical coaching and development sessions

to help leaders of Project-Businesses measurably improve

their success and prosperity.


Typical businesses Simon works with include (however are not limited to):​

Client-side consultancies
  • Architects

  • Interior Designers

  • Project Managers

  • Engineers

contracting businesses
  • D & C

  • Contractors

  • Bespoke Subcontractors

Simon’s management and professional project experience spans 40 years. He has completed over 200+ projects (as Principal Consultant on 98% of all projects) with a combined value of $850M+ (each project's value ranging from $10K to $350M) for clients, including Australian Government, NSW State Government, multinationals and many of Australia’s leading corporates.

At 25, Simon took over the leadership of a corporate design and project management business. He subsequently grew the business over  a 5-year period, resulting in its expansion from 3 to 25 designers and architects.


In parallel with this, he progressively founded several other associated businesses, including an architectural practice, a retail design consultancy, a Strategic Facilities Planning consultancy and a Project Management company.


After making a career change, he founded and developed a software business around software which he designed specifically to manage Project-Based Small Businesses.


He was also the inaugural CEO for an Australian start-up, which evolved into a publicly listed company (ASX:TZL).

Professionally qualified, with a BA(Interior), as well as undertaking a postgraduate Master of Design (both at UTS) with thesis research based on ‘Quality Assurance for Professional Services in Construction’. 


Simon is also a member of the Project Management Institute and has experience in multiple project life cycles, including Waterfall, Iterative and Agile.

If you'd like to have an obligation-free chat with Simon to see how he can help you take your project-business from striving to thriving, feel free to book a phone call with Simon by clicking the button below!


I started my first project-business at 13, making custom surfboards with my school friend and neighbor, Sam Marshall (Architect Marshall).

We started out with a goal of being able to fund the supply of our own surfboards, but finished 4 years later, making 50+ surfboards and delivering to 4 different schools.

It taught us the fundamental commercial realities of running a small project-business.

  • The need to raise capital to start a business, achieved through laboring on a site after school.

  • How to market and sell a custom project that didn’t yet exist.

  • Learnt the skills (self-taught) required to design, shape, fiberglass, sand and finish a surfboard.

  • How to set-up processes and procedures to standardize the quality of our product.

  • How to manage cashflow to fund the procurement of the expensive materials needed for each surfboard.

  • How to schedule multiple projects (4-5 surfboards per 11 week school term), being produced in parallel with over lapping phases.

  • The rigour of time management needed to balance study, school sport, surfing and surfboard production.

  • The tenacity needed to complete each and every designated task, to reach each production milestone, that would guarantee the quality of the finished product by the delivery date (which was always the day before the school holidays).


In addition to regularly providing us with new surfboards, our success allowed me to buy my first car a year before I was eligible for my ‘L’ plates.”

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