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Are you stressed and overwhelmed with the many roles and responsibilities you have, leading a small project-business?

As the leader of a small project-business (1–30 staff) of

Architects :: Designers :: Planners :: Landscape Architects :: 

Engineers :: Project Managers :: D&C :: Contractors :: 

Bespoke Fabricators…

It's easy to lose your way

Are you struggling to find the time needed to get everything done, as well as having a life outside your business? Your job is infinite, there will always be more to do, but your time is finite - so you can't simply keep adding more hours.

In addition to being creative (even genius at times), knowledgeable, professional and passionately committed to your projects - leading your client, your team, other consultants, contractors, suppliers and external stakeholders…

You also have to be the visionary CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, CIO and Rain Maker, running your business.

Does it sometimes feel like you’re herding cats? A futile attempt to control that which is inherently uncontrollable.


Well...you're in the ‘zone’ and no-one prepared you for this.


Small project-businesses are often seen as being in the ‘zone’ – and the issue isn’t just profit – it’s stress.

You’re juggling working IN and ON your business and it seems like all the balls are in the air – all the time.


You react to issues on an ad hoc basis, so it’s no surprise that when one drops - there are consequences.


If fact, as you scramble to recover the dropped ball, you lose focus on the others and they start to drop, compounding the stress.


You are striving to succeed but often the highs and lows of the Project Roller-coaster just have you focused on survival.



What is YOUR big picture?

What’s your grandest vision for your life? The life you don’t need to take a vacation from.

Your business is a big part of that life and it's success can help deliver your vision.


“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change their world, are the ones who do it” Steve Jobs.


They get up every morning with the determination to do it.

You’re running a small business because you’re passionate about what you do. Your business is an extension of you – your values, your passion, your skills and knowledge. Your prosperity is dependent upon your business’s success – but it can’t be just a one-off event. You need to be able to sustain it.

Sustainable Prosperity is being able to maintain and defend your state of prosperity, an outcome of your success which may include recognition, being able to continually improve, time-rich to pursue opportunities (both personal and commercial), and profitable with financial reserves to be resilient and build personal financial security.

It’s the next level after Commercial Sustainability, when striving to succeed becomes thriving with success, consistent with your Vision and Values.

This aspirational objective will be uniquely yours but it will require a tactical plan to get there, so together we will define it and partner with you to transform your business with small practical improvements that make a big difference to achieving your Sustainable Prosperity.

We don’t interfere with your unique creativity, technical skills and passion, working in your projects - working IN the Business.

We help SIMPLIFY and IMPROVE your ON-Business performance,

so you can focus on your passion for projects without the stress

of your business imploding around you.


Every small project-business starts out with Demand Management, setting out what needs to be done – but NOT how to do it.


Then there’s a crisis (there’s always a crisis) and you switch into Crisis Management, which diverts you away from your Demand Management, resulting in more balls being dropped. One crisis becomes several, and this vicious circle repeats itself.

To free yourself and the business from this vicious circle and get back on track, requires a transition to Exception Management.

Exception Management sets norms with predictable or estimated results, against which the actual performance is assessed. If there is a deviation, it provides early detection, and corrective action can be taken.

Establishing norms defines what people should be doing, and results in reduced time and effort required to manage them. It allows them to operate with greater autonomy.


This program manages the transition from Demand Management to Exception Management, through 3 Stages:

1.POSITION - Defines your business’s position now, and what you want it to be in the future.


2. SIMPLIFY - Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful. Create the tools and techniques needed to simplify your ON-Business functions.


3. IMPROVE – Take action, using the tools and techniques from Stage 2 to create and implement the improvements that simplify your ON-Business functions.

Each of these Stages are broken down into Sessions, which are outlined on the Services page.

“My architectural practice has been operating continuously for almost 20 years,

yet I found myself stressing about keeping it going as a business.


I decided to work with Simon to simplify how I managed the business.


The impact was almost immediate, we’ve increased our revenue, we have a steady positive cash flow, and reduced the unpaid additional work we were doing. We’re looking forward to the next stage of business improvements.


Simon has definitely helped us to get back on track.

The structure for managing the business has given us more freedom and time on projects.”


Annabelle Chapman - architect/founder


Whether you're an emerging project-business or a veteran owner, looking to grow or just stay the same size - we're here to work with you, to simplify the complexity of running your business, so you can focus on your projects without stressing about your business imploding around you.


It is designed for small architectural, design and project-businesses ranging from 1 to 30+ people, but even this special category can be subdivided into groups with different and specific needs;

For us, small project-businesses include:

  1. Hands Solo: 1 principal (or two) delivering their own projects, individually without support.

  2. Movers: 2 - 4 pax, on the move with one principal (or two) and support staff for delegated work.

  3. Shakers: 5 – 14 pax, moved on and shaking things up with one or more directors/principals with shared support teams.

  4. Rock'n'Rollers: 15 – 30+ pax, now on a roll with one or more directors/principals responsible for increased management responsibilities, reduced project work, and more diversified projects supported by individuals and teams with more defined roles and responsibilities.


Our passion is developing solutions that deliver measurable improvements, and to this mission we bring 40 years of knowledge, hands-on experience and practical wisdom, gained through owning and/or managing successful architectural, workplace design and project management businesses.


1. Schedule a time HERE, so we can speak briefly about your situation and whether or not this is a good fit for you. Then, assuming you want to move forward…


2. We’ll email you a Project Registration sheet for your details, a signed Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure confidentiality regard your firm’s information.  


3. Return the Project Registration and we'll issue a simple agreement (to sign and return).


4. Then we start with Stage 1 - POSITION


‘Practically’ - we work with YOU, both virtually and functionally, as                          business...

‘Partners’ - players on the same side, focused on the same                                   objectives.

We are a bespoke small business advisory, but with a very special focus and skill set.

We work exclusively with the leaders of small architectural, design and project-businesses to assist them step-up to their next level and transform their passion into prosperity.


To be successful and resilient, through ON-business simplicity, rigour and measurable improvement.


So they can focus on their passion for projects without stressing about the business imploding around them.

Simon Maddox is the founder and Principal Partner, an entrepreneur who started his first business making custom surfboards as a 13 year-old schoolboy, before becoming a degree qualified design professional.


At age 25, he took over a struggling workplace design and project management consultancy, and grew it from 3 to 25 architects and designers over a 5 year period.

He has also been the CEO for a start-up company (now ASX listed), COO for a national project services and logistics business with 350+ staff, owner/founder of a project management software business, and has worked as project director on projects valued from <$100K to $350M.

Simon will work with you to step-up to Your Next Level.

If you have any queries or you would like more information, 

book an obligation-free chat at a suitable time by clicking here

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